10 Tips to Rock Your Facebook Contest [Infographic]

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Facebook contests are a fantastic way to promote your business online. Whether a fan wins or not, all of your fans will be happy with you and your brand because you gave them the opportunity to become winners and made them feel special. Happy fans are also likely to come back to your page in the future and share their positive experiences with friends, family and others in their many online and offline social networks.Rock Your Facebook Contest

Every free word-of-mouth referral represents a level of success that many business owners simply can’t duplicate with traditional brand awareness campaigns. Even offline promotional events aren’t always as successful since they can be intrusive or interfere too drastically with fan schedules.

When you offer a contest on Facebook or any other social network as a way to “show your appreciation for your fans,” you create an inclusive atmosphere that makes a Facebook promotional contest less stressful, disruptive and/or focused on your needs. In fact, you create a promotional event that is light-hearted, engaging and focused on your fan’s needs. Facebook contests gain you far more of a return in the long run.

Again, happy fans continue to read and Like your posts and then share with their Friends, which increases your exposure on their News Feeds and the exposure of any products or services that you offer.

Unlike offline promotional events where fans can disconnect and forget easily about you, your business and your brand shortly after they leave the event, online social sharing has become habitual. This means that the above responses by your fans to your content creates a cycle of uninterrupted contact between you and them with the only disconnect happening when they log out of their accounts. Even then, if they are signed up for Facebook notifications or your email newsletters, they will still stay connected to you every day.

Yet, you can’t simply throw together a Facebook contest. Like any promotional event, every aspect needs to be thought out and carefully planned so that you achieve desired results. We want you to be a Facebook contest rock star. We created the below infographic of tips to help you create a contest that will draw fans, build stronger connections, create discussion, make positive memories, result in word-of-mouth advertising and, ultimately, generate marketing and sales ideas, leads, Likes and new fans.


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