19 Free Social Media Tools [Infographic]

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Just a few years ago, social media was a very effective way to promote a business or idea.

Guess what, it still is!

Now, everyone has the same idea, so there’s tons of competition on the internet all racing towards finding new customers, especially on social media sites.

To beat them to the punch I recommend you plug into one or more of the high octane social media tools I listed below. Some of them are extremely powerful so keep a firm grip on the wheel when you flip the switch on them. 😉

So start your engines and push the pedal to the metal and go out and get you some social media love!

Here’s the social media tools that can help you beat your competition!


1. Buffer For Pinterest

Buffer’s free plan offers major engagement stats for all updated posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn. This handy tool will aid in the trial and error process, allowing you to see what does and doesn’t work. Clicks, favorites and many other stats are reported by this tool. There is a paid version as well. Also, when your stats go beyond average, you get notified.

Free versionhttps://buffer.com/
Pricing: Packages starting as low as $50 a month.
7 Day Free trial: https://buffer.com/business


2. Followerwonk For Twitter

Followerwonk displays detailed reports of follower activity. This feature is really useful because it lets you know who you need to go after. For instance, you wouldn’t try to market your followers since they are already interested. With this app, you can enter a username and see that person’s status, such as when they are online, when they post, social categories and more. Followerwonk really lets you see the bigger picture.

Free versionhttps://followerwonk.com/
Pricing: You can get more robust features if you upgrade to Moz Pro which starts at $99 a month.
30 Day Free trial: https://followerwonk.com/pro



3. ViralWoot For Pinterest

This tool lets a you do more than just see your statistics. ViralWoot enables you to schedule pins, promote pins and gain new followers. As far as the analytic part goes, it keeps track of new followers, new repins, and new likes. The paid version allows you to see pin alerts whenever content from their website gets pinned, which is really useful for link building.

Free versionhttp://viralwoot.com/


4. Iconosquare For Instagram

Iconosquare is a management tool that’s strictly designed for Instagram. However, the tool has an analytic section that keeps track of likes, comments and followers. It even breaks down these stats for the last week or month. The tool also sends out analytic emails to you, so you don’t even have to use the tool directly. These emails are basically a summary of your stats. If you are more visual, you can use the tool directly to see pie charts and graphs.

Free Version:  http://iconosquare.com/
Pricing: Packages start at $199/month


5. Collecto for Instagram

Collecto is another Instagram app that lets you see all of your engagement stats. This app will show you your most liked, most commented and most popular photos. The pro version organizes photo albums so you can easily flip through them. With the pro version, you can even enhance your browsing features.

Free Version: http://collec.to/
Pricing: £8.99 a month


6. Google Analytics for Websites

Google Analytics is actually quite a well-known app, especially among professional marketers. It’s mainly designed to analyze website traffic. However, if you’re an affiliate marketer you can easily analyze your referral stats with this useful app and see exactly where the traffic is coming from. Knowing where the traffic originates from helps you make informed decisions about advertising.

Free Version:  https://www.google.com/analytics/


7. SumAll for Multiple Social Media Accounts

This app gives stats of all social media accounts combined, including Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn and much more. Daily or weekly email is sent from the app to your email address, summarizing all of your business statistics. The paid version allows you to share PDF files. However, this version does come with a 14-day trial. PDF files are really helpful for coming up with new ideas.

Free Version:  https://sumall.com/
Pricing:  Packages start at $59/month


8. Quintly for Multiple Social Media Accounts

This is a simple app that enables you to see your likes, comments and shares in graph form. Multiple pages can be added and compared. Although the app is simple, it really gives you a bigger picture, thanks to the graph setting. Custom dashboards can be made to schedule specific goals and more for clients. They also have great customer care that will answer any questions or resolve any problems.

Free 14 Day Trial:  https://www.quintly.com/pricing/
Pricing:  Package start at $129/month


9. Cyfe for Multiple Social Media Accounts

Cyfe gives you the opportunity to create your own custom dashboard. You can customize the background, settings, domain name mapping, branded reports and much more. This dashboard will display many different statistics. The social media section of this app is able to connect to other networks and obtain detailed reports of those pages. The website even has a testimonial page. Many of these people were more than satisfied with Cyfe.

Free Version:  http://www.cyfe.com/signup
Pricing: $19/month


10. Beevolve for Multiple Social Media Accounts

Beevolve’s free version gives you the ability to create and send your own social media messages. You simply tell the app how much content costs, how much they expect to get per visitor, and a few other things. From there, the app will automatically send messages and analyze responses. It will then send you a complete report. Beevolve will also give you demographic reports, which many apps don’t do.

Free Version:  http://www.beevolve.com/
Pricing: Packages start at $49.95/month


11. Tailwind for Pinterest

Tailwind is specifically designed for Pinterest. The app aids in the optimization and scheduling of pins. Plus, it allows you to see your Pinterest profile and Pinterest reputation of your website. Basically, you get to see how often and when your website gets shared. Unlike many other apps, this one lets you see the effectiveness of their link building. As a side note, the app is trusted by over 35,000 brands and agencies.

Free Version:  https://www.tailwindapp.com/
Pricing:  Packages start at $9.99/month
Limited Time Free Trial: https://www.tailwindapp.com/pricing


12. Keyhole for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

Keyhole is perfect if you would like to see your stats in pie chart form. It is, however, designed strictly for hashtag campaign tracking. You can also check up on your competitors by either entering their name, URL address or hashtag number into the app. The app also offers real time tracking and is completely free to use. Hashtag searches can be saved, so they can be looked up later.

Pricing:  Plans start at $129/month
3 Day Trial:  http://keyhole.co/register/20


13. Klout to Monitor Your Social Presence

Klout rates your profile page on a scale from zero to 100, showing your influence on social media. The website can suggest content that hasn’t been seen yet, keeping everything original. It tracks likes, comments and shares as well. To use this program, you register an account with the website, which is completely free.

Free Version:  https://klout.com/


14. Riffle for Twitter

Riffle will add a page to your Twitter account. This overview will show stats of every page you visit, such as likes per tweet, favorites per tweet and more. Riffle will give information on hashtags, mentions and URLs in someone’s timeline. Basically, this app will connect you to other businesses and competitors, allowing you to make more informed decisions. Their website has a customer service staff that will answer any questions or problems.

Free Version:  http://crowdriff.com/riffle/


15. MyTopTweet for Twitter

This Twitter analytic tool is simple and very easy to use. You simply enter the desired person or brand. The app will then show the person or brand’s top 10 tweets. These 10 tweets are ranked according to the number of retweets. This can also be done for your own profile page. Although there isn’t much to it, it does give some insight.

Free Version:  https://mytoptweet.com/


16. HowSociable For Multiple Social Media Accounts

HowSociable is very similar to MyTopTweet because it works by you entering a brand name, including your own. From there, a social score for Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and LinkedIn will be presented. The social score is based off of the brand name’s activity in the past seven days. The free account unlocks Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger, Reddit and many more social sites. The website is very easy to use and free to sign up. The tool is so effective that it even has its own affiliate program.

Free Version:  http://www.howsociable.com/
Pricing:  Packages start at $9/month


17. SocialBro for Twitter

SocialBro is known as the number one marketing platform for Twitter and is fully featured. The tool lets you know the best time to tweet, and it gives demographic insights. Their website has a how-to video that teaches you everything you need to know. Competitors can be both analyzed and identified with this useful app. Interactions can easily be tracked in order to improve CRM.

Free Version:  https://www.socialbro.com/
Pricing:  Plans start at $13.95/month
15 Day Free Trial:  https://buy.socialbro.com/trial/new?plan=basic


18. TweetReach for Twitter

When you type in a keyword, hashtag or user name, TweetReach automatically brings up graphs and charts for reach, exposure, activity and contributors. This gives you a better idea of who your competitors really are and what you’re up against. It also helps you come up with better SEO keywords.

Free Version:  https://tweetreach.com/users/new
Pricing:  Plans start at $99/month


19. WolfframAlpha for Facebook

This tool is essentially a Facebook search engine that shows you all kinds of demographic information about your Facebook profile.

Free:  http://www.wolframalpha.com/facebook/?adref=personalanalytics.png


Did we miss one of your favorite tools? If so post it in the comments below so we can amend it to the list!



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