9 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Using Infographics in 2015

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There are many different methods of getting more traffic. However, in today’s world, infographics have become an absolute necessity.small-businessman-needing-website-traffic1-196x300

Overall, using these awesome marketing tools on your site will result in a dramatic traffic increase.

So with that in mind here are nine good reasons why your business should seriously consider using them to drive targeted prospects to your site.

#1 Infographics Are Extremely Viral.

Source: http://bit.ly/Top50Infographics

Infographics show that a large majority of the traffic they generate comes directly from social media websites, especially Facebook. In fact, Facebook had significantly more traffic when compared to Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

This is just another reason for your business to have at least one Facebook or Pinterest page.

The most surprising fact is that creators of viral infographics are usually not the ones who get all the views. Instead, back links or secondary sites got five to seven times more views.

For instance, Braze.com received a whopping 100 thousand views, while the original infographic creator only received a mere 16,000 shares.


Anyone who owns any kind of business should have at least one social media business page. They are missing out on all kinds of traffic if they don’t.

Note: When someone posts your graphic they’re not doing it to do you a favor. They’re doing it to help make their own site more vibrant. So start using it to your advantage.

2. Infographics Make Perfect Link Bait.

Source: http://bit.ly/LinkBaitTips

That means they make it easier for your site to get the kind of good backlinks that can improve your SEO rankings.


When It Comes To Generating Backlinks To Your Site Infographics Absolutely Rock!

Basically, the whole goal is find websites your prospects visit regularly, then route traffic from that website to your own site.

Aside from gaining traffic from another website, link bait helps improve SEO ranking. This is because online algorithms are looking for websites that have high-quality content, rather than just keywords and meta-tags.

Nothing does this better than a well designed and promoted infographic.

3. Original Images Play A Big Role In SEO Rankings.

Source: http://bit.ly/ImageOptimizationTips

Online algorithms, especially Google’s, have gotten very advanced and sophisticated.

In a nutshell, this is bad news for the businesses who take shortcuts yet great news for those who work hard and put high-quality content onto their website.


Algorithms cannot read images very well. Simply adding an alt tag will allow it to become more noticed, leading to a higher SEO ranking. But this is far from being the most effective optimization method.

The most effective optimization methods include using GEO location, rich snippets and modifying EXIF data. This is where infographics rule the field.

Rich snippets simply tag an image to your business or website. This is a huge deal because it effectively associates that image with your business.

A good example would be someone linking their coffee website to their infographic on different types of coffee roasts and blends. Whenever someone looks that image up, search results for their business will come up.

Which is why our higher quality backlinks agency loves using infographics so much. They really do help with rankings once they get shared.

Note: If you’re interested in learning how to create backlinks manually check out our free tutorial (no opt-in is required).

4. Studies Have Proven That Color Visuals Increase The Willingness For Your Prospects To Read Your Content By 80%.

Source: http://bit.ly/XeroxColorStudy

Infographics make a huge impact on your incoming website traffic.

Most of all, the color in them grabs your readers attention far more effectively than plain text.


Color also makes it much more easier for a reader to read a piece of information, whether it’s a product description or terms and conditions. In fact, color has been found to increase comprehension skills by 73 percent.

According to recent studies “color emphasizes critical information and conveys a sense of professionalism.”

Not only does color convey a sense of professionalism and importance, but it “increases readers’ attention spans and recall by a [whopping] 82 percent.”

Attracting website traffic is one thing, but keeping it is another thing all together. Basically, color can make the difference between a 20 percent and 90 percent retention rate.

Nobody would have ever thought that color can make such a profound difference.

5. Your Prospects Follow Directions 323% Better When Your Post Has Images.

Source: http://bit.ly/ImagesStudy

Color isn’t the only aspect that’s an attention grabber, but images also play an enormous role in the process as well.

One experiment found that prospects follow directions 323 percent better when there are images.


Images also help grab your reader’s attention much better than plain text does. Like color, images make a website seem that much more professional and trustworthy. Nobody wants to trust a website that doesn’t contain a single picture.

One source claims that images increase total views by 94 percent in an article and 45 percent in a blog post. Customers are also 60 percent more likely to contact a business when there are images.

If you are promoting a product online you need to hear this:

Most online customers said that a product’s picture or image is more important than the product description or even product itself. Of course, reviews and rating were very important as well.

Readers and customers want to know who they are doing business with or getting their information from. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words.

6. The Use Of Images On The Internet Has Increased By 9900% Since 2007.

Source: http://bit.ly/GoogleTrendIG

Since 2007, images on the internet have increased by an astounding 9,900 percent.posting-images-on-your-business-website-is-important-300x300

If you’re not adding attractive images to your site you’re behind the eight ball already so you better get moving.

7. Four out of Ten B2B Buyers Claim to Frequently Post Infographics on Their Social Media Accounts.

Source: http://bit.ly/B2BIGStudy

Words are starting to become a thing of the past. Pictures and infographics are starting to become the predominant content.


One survey found that 95 percent of B2B buyers said that they wanted shorter and more visual content. Overall, B2B buyers are more likely to share their content. Around 39 percent of this shared content are infographics, while 37 percent are videos. Also, 40 percent of B2B buyers said that they share their content frequently.

In order for your business to keep up with your competition, you must stay up-to-date with the rising social media trend.

8. 70 Percent of Marketers Are Increasing the Amount of Original Images They Use in 2015

Source: http://bit.ly/SocialMediaMarketingIndustryReport

Around 70 percent of marketers are starting to increase their use of original images. For one, original images have far better SEO ranking than an image uploaded from somewhere else. Many marketers are starting to realize this, so they are vigorously incorporating it in their businesses and websites.

The times are constantly changing, so it’s imperative for businesses and websites to keep up with these changes in order to survive.

9. Infographics Make It Easy For You To Communicate With Your Prospects And Readers.

Have you ever heard that a picture is with worth a thousand words? Well, it’s true. Take a look at the infographic we created for this post below. See how much quicker it gets our points across than all the above text could?

We thought you’d think so!


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