Our Complete Tutorial for Growing Facebook Fans Without a Budget

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If you’re a business owner on Facebook, you most likely are looking for ways to grow your community without having to put a second mortgage on the house.

The good news is there’s a way to pull it off if you’re willing to spend the time and put in the effort needed to make it happen.

Untitled-6 It’s going to take time though to follow through on the ideas and tips that can help you grow your Facebook fan base with virtually no, or little money.

In this tutorial I’ll share just about everything I have gleaned over the last several years my agency has been building communities for clients.

Not all the tips will pertain to your particular product or service but enough of them will.

So learn and implement the ones that do and you’ll start to see a difference in your metrics before you know it.

I’m sure of it.

Now let’s get started:

#1. Write informative and authoritative content for other Facebook Pages.

Odds are, there are a number of companies on Facebook that complement yours. Writing content for their page is the perfect way to establish yourself as an expert while increasing your own brand’s visibility and reach.

Another term for writing content for other Facebook Pages is “guest posting.”

There are a number of reasons why guest posting can be so effective:

  • It leads to building valuable, customer relations. People, bloggers, and website owners need good, relevant content. If you have the skills and knowledge to curate content for other venues, it helps to build your own value.
  • Posting relevant content makes the search engines happy. Search engines love content; good content. Keep in mind that Google, especially, along with search engines, are always striving to make their search engine the most positive experience individuals can have. Curating and providing content for other pages, with a backlink to your own page or Website, will raise your blog’s value in the eyes’ of search engines.
  • Curating and sharing content can introduce you to a whole new realm of potential followers.Untitled-6 If you’re connecting with new people, and they’re listening to your message and sharing it, you can count on more business coming your way.The community that you’ll be posting in will already be established. It makes it easier to share your message with an established community.
  • Don’t overlook the idea of people posting on your page either. You can benefit from the additional, relevant content. Just continue to add value. While you’re at it, drop a few coins in the “patience meter.” Many people and markets stop engaging if the results aren’t immediate. Patience will back some serious dividends over time.

Target the owners of those Pages you’d like to write content for, and set up a tentative schedule of writing for each of them at least one post a week.

The thought here is that the more exposure you get through others reading your posts, the more exposure your own Page will get.

#2. Balance your content.

You already have an idea that relevant content is still king. As such, it doesn’t make sense to provide content that always has the same look, feel, or even message.


Here’s where you get to be the creative genius you’ve known yourself to be.

If you’re connecting with new people, and they’re listening to your message and sharing it, you can count on more business coming your way.

#3. Take serious advantage of Q&A sessions.

If you want to create dialogue, there’s no better way than to ask provocative questions.

Provocative questions don’t mean they have to be insulting though.

Some categories of questions you can ask include yes/no, specific, true or false, fun, events, experiences, tips, preference and direct.

People like to contribute and make a show of their own expertise and knowledge.

#4. Make Sure Your Business Page is an Attractive Home Page.

Go ahead and create a custom Web address for your Facebook Page. It doesn’t cost a cent and you can promote your Page on other social media venues like Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.

#5. Utilize Facebook Audience Insights.

You don’t have to advertise, but you can still analyze the results of your Facebook world.Untitled-6

Audience insights can give you access to customer information like age, education, lifestyle, gender, relationship status, household size and job role.

  • Find out what Pages are being “liked” and continue to write relevant content.
  • Learn more about where people live and what languages they speak.
  • Find out what are people purchasing, and how often.
  • What types of mobile devices are they using to get to your Page?

Create a “Like” Button on Your Website

You likely already own a website.

There’s an old saying that charity starts at home. It does, and your website is home.

A “like” button is easy to place on your website.

There are 864 million Facebook users who log into their accounts daily. Your website button will lead users directly to your Facebook page.

It just makes it easy for people to connect with you on Facebook.

String Your Social Media Accounts Together

It’s easy enough to connect all of your social media accounts so that anything shared on one account, is automatically shared on your other accounts.

Inner link from Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

An automatic linkup can save you tons of time and effort. All of your social media sites are also promoted in the process.

Remember that those who ask usually receive.

Don’t be shy about asking the followers on your other social media sites to follow you on Facebook.

If you’re providing relevant content, it shouldn’t be too difficult a task. Again, provide links from all your social media accounts to your Facebook Page.

Provide Interesting Incentives on Facebook

Find out what your competitors are doing by way of offering incentives. It pays to even analyze what other industries are doing.

In fact, that’s where some of your most effective ideas might originate.

  • Incentives can include giveaways, offer discounts, specials, and other creative things that will drive “free” traffic to your Page.
  • Encourage your fans to upload videos.
  • Consider Apps like AgoraPulse to run a sweepstake contest. It has the power to schedule drawing dates and times as you wish. The tool even allows you to target your promotion for things like age or country etc.

Engage Facebook Fans until the Cows Come Home

Another good thing about Facebook is that there’s no limit to the number of characters that you can use.

Facebook also offers countless opportunities to inspire discussions with followers.

Untitled-6 If you’re not familiar with the term “until the cows come home,” it’s simply a way of conveying that there’s no end.

Ask questions, create questionnaires and polls. Word-of-mouth advertising, free, can be a powerful force in driving traffic to your Facebook Page.

Encourage your fan base to upload interesting videos and give out a prize for the best one. Make winning simple so that fans will engage.

You’ll have plenty of room to get creative.

Keep Acknowledging Your Fans

Acknowledging your fan base is one the most important things you can do to keep driving traffic to your Page.

Untitled-6 Show your fans that their opinions count. If launching a new product, selling a new service, or just asking for an opinion, let your followers know that you appreciate their input. They will always appreciate being rewarded for their efforts.

When fans join your Page, take time to welcome them. Write something back on their profile wall. It’s an act that can create interest, loyalty, and help create greater visibility for your Page.

Some marketers even choose to feature their fans.

This can easily be done by asking them to upload an image of themselves. Think in terms of “fan of the week”.

Other marketers choose to reward fans by creating “fan points”. Check out the tool called Booshaka. Fans that receive the most points can be encouraged to become future brand evangelists.

Always Refresh Your Facebook Page

This is where 99 percent of marketers grow short.

Untitled-6 You should always provide relevant, interesting content. You should also provide it on a regular basis. Just don’t overdo it.

Creating a content calendar will work nicely for you.

This is another area where utilizing Facebook Audience Insights can help. If you know your customers’ interests, you can provide content that’s likely to get “likes” and is shareable.

An added improvement to your Facebook Page can include improving your profile and cover picture.

These are among the first things that visitors will see when they arrive on your Page. These are both easily customizable.

Keep in mind that your profile photo is what visitors will mostly see. The profile picture will appear in your news feed, in posts on your Page’s timeline, comments and replies, and comments and posts made on other Pages.

Square images seem to work best.

Get Your “About” Section in Order

Most Facebook marketers overlook the fact that an incomplete or faulty about section could result in less traffic.

The “About” section can contain information about business hours, relevant addresses, online and physical, and contact information.


Let’s review:

  • Facebook’s mission is to give people the power to connect and share.
  • It’s huge. Over 500 million users actively use Facebook to connect or conduct business.
  • The average user has 130 friends and spends over 700 minutes per month connecting on Facebook.
  • More than 30 billion pieces of content are shared each month. That number is growing exponentially.
  • Facebook has global reach. There are more than 70 translations available. Seventy percent of Facebook’s users are outside of the United States.

If you’re not using Facebook to grow your following, you’re likely losing a ton of business. The great thing about Facebook is that it costs virtually nothing to grow your fan base.

  1. Suggest your Facebook Page to friends. If you’ve spent time on Facebook, you’ve got friends. Your Page could also be relevant to their friends. It’s a good way to spread the word about you.
  2. Use the “Suggest to Friends” button on the page you’d like to promote.Untitled-7
  3. Hold a contest. Try to think of anyone you know that doesn’t like winning a contest. Winning a contest can be as simple as submitting the most compelling photo to Facebook. This is the type of contest that can go viral and spread like wildfire.
  4. Add your URL to your online marketing material. You should possess a vanity URL at this stage of the game. There’s relatively little cost in adding it to your email signatures and business cards etc.
  5. Tag users in videos and photos. Photos and videos are rich, free content. They can, virtually, be for anything. They’re all good content and people react to relevant content.
  6. Make sure a Facebook fan box is located on your blog or website. You can’t go wrong here. It’s allowable and easy to put a small version of your fan Page on your blog or website.
  7. Promote your Facebook Page across all of your social media real estate. Wherever your brand is being followed, make sure you include links to your Facebook Page. This can only serve to increase your base over time.

Produce content that matters.

This is good, relevant content that your audiences is interested in. Nothing else counts, and nothing else will help your procure a following.

  • Content can include text, videos, infographics and photos. |
  • People respond in major ways to visual communication. What people see has an effect because 93 percent of the world’s population is wired that way. People, through validated research, think through the use of pictures.
  • People see and observe before they’re able to speak. Words and ideas, to be effective, have to be joined with an image.
  • Images go directly to the brain’s long-term memory section where they’re deeply etched. Make sure your Facebook page incorporates strong images.

Have Patience

Your business and online presence is worth growing.

Untitled-6 It’s going to take time though to follow through on the ideas and tips that can help you grow your Facebook fan base with virtually no, or little money.

That’s what social media is all about. It levels the advertising playing field for small businesses to compete with the big ones at little or no cost.

Just keep doing the things you know are right and you’ll arrive at your marketing destination in due time.

Keep plugging away, and plugging away, and plugging away.

If anything is worth having, it’s worth sacrificing for.






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