When Social Marketing Sends You Running for Cover [Infographic]

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Most people understand why businesses should use social media marketing. Nonetheless, although the importance of social media marketing is well established, many still get it wrong. Follow these basic social media tips to ensure you aren’t accidentally turning off potential customers.

Understand the Importance of Social Media Marketing

Before we get to the social media tips for business owners, let’s remember why social media marketing is important for business. The goal is to provide an easy method of communication between you and your customers. That’s how social media benefits businesses.

The true importance of social media for small business lies in its potential to build bridges between your company and your customers. A well-run social media presence will keep you in your customer’s minds and make them think of you as responsive and accessible.

All of the following business social media tips advance that goal.

Don’t Over-Promote

Would you send a salesperson out to knock on every customer’s door every day? No way. It would make your customers think you’re pushy and obnoxious.

Social media works the same way. You don’t want to become an omnipresent irritant to customers, or you’ll drive them away. Keep posts subtle and business-related.

Don’t Post the Same Content Too Many Times

Just as you shouldn’t flood your customers’ newsfeeds with constant posts, you also don’t want to make repetitive and unoriginal posts. The ability to make your company seem accessible is why social media marketing is important for business. Humanize your company by mixing up your content.

Focus on Retention

Getting a former customer to return is easier than reeling in a new one. So make your current customer base your priority. Use your social media presence to build brand loyalty over time.

Get Inside Your Customer’s Mind

Create a free social media account and watch your profits soar! Does that sound too good to be true? That’s because it is.

It leaves out an important step: understanding your audience. Appreciate the specific needs and desires of your customer base and tailor your posts to them, and they’ll be much more likely to keep following you.

Most people don’t follow a company for the fun of it. They’re usually looking out for discounts or news about special deals. So give that to them.

Stay Small

You’ve got tons of options when it comes to social media. Which platform is right for you depends on many factors. Pick one you think is best, and focus only on it for a while.

Later, if things go well, you can expand your efforts. But don’t take on too much at once.

Respond to Comments

Again, the importance of social media for small business is that it lets you create a bridge between you and the customer. But it can’t be a one-way bridge.

Social media is great for demonstrating that your company cares about customers’ needs. Prove this by answering their questions and concerns quickly and cheerfully.

Don’t “Pray and Spray”

This means you shouldn’t make general, all-purpose posts and hope they reach the audience you want. Instead, remember what we said before: knowing your customer is key. Find out what they want and give it to them.

Anything else is just a waste of resources.

Never Pay for Followers

Some companies have been tempted to boost their online profiles by paying people to follow their social media accounts. Don’t do it. It’s fake, and it makes it hard to sift out the real customers from the imaginary ones.


Every time you post on social media, you’re putting your brand out there to the world. A poorly proofread post reflects poorly on that brand. It’s as bad as a rude receptionist or a salesperson who doesn’t know your product.

Social media posts are short. There’s no room for mistakes.


Keep these business social media tips in mind, and you’ll find much more success. The key is to remember exactly how social media benefits businesses. It’s not a quick and easy solution to every need, but a tool for a few specific purposes: targeting your customer base, keeping them loyal and making your company seem accessible and human.

As long as you keep in mind these reasons why businesses should use social media marketing, you’ll have no trouble remembering the basic social media tips outlined above.


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